TerraM token

Swap USDC for TerraM on Raydium

TerraM uses the capital raised to sell options on Ethereum, any profit incurred from options is distributed back to the TerraM token. 

Our goal is about 20-25% annual growth

Here is how it works

Bob decides to invest $100 in TerraM coins. Bob swaps 100 USDC for TerraM coins on the Raydium network.

TerraM coin will invest freshly raised USDC in buying more Ethereum to trade options.

For example, On January 30, 2023, we could sell 1 call option on ETH with a strike price of $1,700 and expiry on February 24 (about 24 days), for this we would receive a 0.0360 ETH premium (about $57)

In case, on the expiry date, our call option would expire worthlessly we would split this income among stakeholders while taking a small management fee of 2% from every successful trade *

While we are still in the raising funds phase - every investor will receive interest in form of additional tokens. In Bob's case, he will receive an additional 0.57 TerraM tokens (100*0.0057) **

From every closed trade, TerraM will invest 20% into the liquidity pool, that's how to ensure Bob and other investors can exit from the trade at any moment while growing the token's value.

In case of our options positions will get challenged we will try to hedge with futures or roll up and forward to another expiry date for credit.

Profit distribution

Profit from the expired options is going to be distributed every Friday (after options settlement) among the stakeholders and liquidity pool. In the case of options rolling, profit will not be distributed.

What's next?

*During the capital raising phase we won't take a 2% management fee

**Once fully funded (target date Q2 2023) profit will be paid out to the token holders in form of USDC

*** In case you are interested to invest in more tokens than available on Raydium, read our article here: Raising $10,000 capital for issuing Covered Call Crypto Fund (Solana blockchain)