Crypto Hedge Fund

Terramatris is a DeFI (Solana Blockchain) crypto investment hedge fund started on August 22, 2023, by Reinis Fischer

The fund operates in a hybrid mode utilizing the decentralized exchange (DEX) platform Raydium Automated Market Maker (AMM), while maintaining a private ownership structure. Although not currently registered publicly under any specific jurisdiction, its operational base primarily resides in Tbilisi, Georgia.

We are exploring the possibility of incorporating the fund in jurisdictions such as Panama, Dubai, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, or other tax-friendly locations once the total value of the fund reaches at least $10,000.

Invest in TerraM tokens on Raydium, Jupiter or Coinbase wallet  (Solana supported wallet required)

  • Total supply: 10,000
  • In circulation: 638 (6.38%)
  • On Liquidity pool: 344 (3.44%)
  • Price per token: $1.17

Not trading advice. Not soliciting for investment. 

Investments in stocks, funds, bonds, or cryptos are risk investments and you could lose some or all of your money. Do your due diligence before investing in any kind of asset.

Funds performance (Weekly results)

Trading strategy

We trade options with crypto, while reinvesting premiums back into different crypto assets. At the moment we are growing our crypto portfolio by selling put options on Bitcoin (sometimes also on Ethereum and/or Solana). Additional we sell covered calls on ETH and SOL. Once we will have at least 0.01 BTC we will start selling covered calls on Bitcoin too.

Occasionally we might sell covered calls on long perpetual futures. Additionally we perform carry trades on crypto, collecting funding fees from different crypto assets.

When placing our options trades we aim for about 0.25-0.5% daily in options premium, from the total fund's value, while in the early days of the fund we were more risk hungry and were growing 1-2% daily.  

Crypto Research & Analytics

Prior to executing our options trades, we meticulously analyze options Greeks and employ technical analysis methodologies to enhance our comprehensive understanding of the market. Continuously, we actively participate in the cryptocurrency community, diligently scouting emerging altcoins and engaging in crypto networking activities to remain abreast of market developments and opportunities. 

Some of our observations are published on our blog and on the fund manager's YouTube channel

Risk management

As we grow our portfolio from selling put options, we also hedge the portfolio both with options and futures. In case of a suffering put option, we try to roll it down and forward, preferably for a credit. In rare cases, we might take an assignment and switch to covered call writing using futures with leverage as collateral instead of actual coins.

For protecting against market crashes, we constantly buy > 45 DTE put options as a protection for the portfolio.

Holdings / Assets Under Management (AUM)

Our portfolio experiences growth through various channels, including premiums from options trading, cryptocurrency appreciation, management and performance fees. Additionally, we occasionally receive complimentary coins through airdrops, or rewards (JUP, ZETA). A portion of our portfolio is allocated for staking (RAY)

TerraM token holdings are listed below.

CoinCountPriceBuy priceValue

Additionally we have about $4,800 in asset management

Last updated: May 17, 2024

TerraM token

You can participate in TerraMatris crypto hedge fund by owning TerraM coin. 

Each TerraM token corresponds to a 1/10,000th share in the fund, allowing investors to gain exposure to a diversified range of assets and strategies. This not only spreads risk but also offers a chance to benefit from the fund's performance. 

Swap on Raydium, Jupiter or Coinbase Wallet

Meow Meow token

Meow Meow is a meme token with some serious fundamentals, started as a joke to test our idea on selling put options on Gold futures, instead of acquiring shares in a gold mine in Africa (Lesotho). If we will be able to record some impressive track record  after 3 month testing period (ends August 2024)  having some serious growth, we will proceed with token development to raise more funds to benefit together, meow!

Get in touch

If you are interested in learning more or participating in the fund directly, not via TerraM token (minimum investment $10,000) in a more classical hedge fund way, we offer 2/20 model - feel free to write an email to reinis.fischer {at} or connect on LinkedIn

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